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Local Charity

Oftentimes we conduct estate sales for families who've lost a loved one. As is expected, they're grieving and need someone to show them compassion and understanding.

Our goal is to help these families, and with their permission, if they so choose, reach out to other hurting families in the community by donating any unsold items to a local charity of their choice.

Listed below are some of the wonderful charity organizations that we work with, or have had the privilege of working with in the past.

The American Cancer Society

In 2018, we started working exclusively with The American Cancer Society. They are not only a fantastic organization that helps so many people, but they are also very dependable when it comes to donation pick-ups after our estate sales. They come with enough crew to actually wrap and box up everything that's left, unlike many charities that want it done before they arrive. Plus they come on the last day of our sale, so that we don't have to come back another day to meet them. Each house is completely empty by the evening of the last sale day. They also take nearly everything, unlike some charities that leave us with things to discard. We are very pleased with The American Cancer Society! In nearly a decade of conducting estate sales, they are by far our favorite choice!

In the past, we've been fortunate enough to work directly with one of the regional directors for The Salvation Army, Keith Roper. He's been a great help in making sure that whenever we have a family that wants to donate to The Salvation Army anywhere in the tri-county area, that a truck is lined up after the sale is over, everything is picked up, and a tax receipt form for the donation is left with the family. Thanks for all you do for us Keith!

Pinellas & Tampa Home Makers (a branch of Pinellas Hope).

Pinellas Hope

The Children's Home

The Children's Home is a child and family-centered organization that is positioned to care for struggling families and children seeking the comfort of a loving family. With roots that can be traced back to 1892, they've been a beacon in the community—providing a safe haven for children who have suffered abuse, neglect or abandonment.

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