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Oftentimes a client will also need a qualified Real Estate Sales expert who understands their local market.

Not only are they selling personal family possessions, but often they're in need of selling the home as well.

For out-of-state clients this can prove to be a highly effective and useful service!

Our clients are not always local, and traveling long distance to find a realtor is often not possible. We know this process can be additionally overwhelming and stressful during an already difficult time.

With our experience here in the Bay area, we have established honest & trusted relationships with highly qualified Real Estate agents who are knowledgable in the local market, and who will be glad to professionally represent your home.

Through our highly attended estate sales and customer base, Full House Liquidation is also able to provide your home with the tremendous value of high visibility marketing to potential home buyers.

Without exception, this prominent visiblity always generates a large amount of interest in each home during our estate sales.

We would be delighted to know that we had even a small part in helping your home sell, by assisting you through our 100% free referral service!

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