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17877 Wayne Rd. Odessa, FL 33556


World-renowned opera singer Maria Callas, was of Greek decent, and had family who lived here in the Tampa area, in Tarpon Springs.

During the 1960s, Maria's world-wide fame and fortune led her to eventually develop a love interest and a long relationship, with the world's richest man at the time, billionaire shipping tycoon, Aristotle Onassis.
Maria and Aristotle had a relationship that lasted for over 5 years.
In 1964 though, when JFK was killed, Onassis left Maria, and he married Jackie Kennedy (Onassis).


This sprawling Greek-inspired estate has a somewhat southern-style charm when you first pull onto the property and see the long driveway leading back through the large canopy of oak trees, past the tennis courts, to the breath-taking home.

This lakefront 5-acre estate belongs to Maria's family, and is located in Odessa, FL just east of Tarpon Springs, where Maria spent time with her family as a child. Maria had a cousin by the name of Chris Callas. Chris is now the CEO of Apollo Industries in Georgia. Years ago, Chris married a lady by the name of Maria, and jokingly told her that he would make her famous :-) His new wife Maria, marrying into the family, then also became Maria Callas. This home belongs to that Maria Callas; the wife of the famous opera singer's cousin. So to make it clear, the famous opera singer did not own this house herself. It belongs to her Greek family from here in Tarpon Springs.

The luxury house itself and the property are listed with
Coastal Property Group International,
via long-time local real estate professional Michael Frankum.

This event will be conducted as a one-day on-site auction at the estate here in Odessa FL, along with simultaneous world-wide online bidding via LiveAuctioneers.com for the more valuable pieces.

The estate is filled with everything from solid marble statues, to signed oil paintings, to antiques, to jewelry, to exquisite furniture,
to oriental rugs, to sports memorabilia, etc, etc, etc......

Everything you can imagine!
The nearly 12,000 square foot estate is packed with high-end items!


Physical on-site preview begins at 9am ,
and lasts for two hours until 11am.

The actual bidding begins at 11am.

Our company, Full House Liquidation, is proud to be working in conjuction with Vandenbrook Galleries, to bring you
this phenomenal on-site auction!

Vandenbrook Galleries, AB 3235
Brandon Granai, AU 4461

*We've reached out to one of the local news stations,
which we're hoping may be on-site for the auction.  

17877 Wayne Rd. Odessa, FL 33556 

Special Note:

Once you arrive, you will need to get a number for the auction. This way you will be able to bid on items once the bidding starts at 11am.

You will have two hours from 9am - 11am to walk through the home and preview the items prior to the bidding.




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